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A Unique Perspective, Delivered with Candor and Decency

As a lawyer, you write to argue and win.  In business the aim is to use words to impress and motivate.  I’ve done both, first at a large law firm followed by jobs at a number of biopharmaceutical companies.


Now, in the new chapter of my life, I write to offer a unique perspective on the issues of the day, with candor and decent.


Embarking on this journey with a successful career under my belt allows me to choose my topics and write objectively.  I aim to tell stories that touch upon the “human element” common to all.  When I say important, I don’t mean big stories.  My passion is to write about the often unseen, underappreciated or ignored aspects of life, that while largely invisible, impact us all. I also naturally gravitate toward the positive stories in life, and have an equal aversion to the negative, opinion-based reporting that defines much of the media today.  Given these tendencies, it should be no surprise that you won’t find me reporting on national politics.  I think we can all agree there is enough focus there!


My past experiences across a wide range of segments of life, personal and professional, provides me with a unique perspective relative to career journalists.  Not a better perspective – simply different. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve lived through a lot of the situations facing the people I write about, or the people I’m writing for.  As such, I hope that what I write is relatable.


Currently I’m halfway toward obtaining a Master’s in Journalism from the Harvard Extension School. Despite a recent start on this path, I’ve already published articles covering a wide variety of topics, including local 911 dispatchers, the vaccination of children under Covid-19 and pet adoption, among others.


It would be my pleasure to hear from you if you believe you have a story to tell.  Feel free to email me at

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